Kabanata PH 🍃

Kabanata Philippines is a non-profit organization that aims to connect the issues of today with the leaders of tomorrow– the youth! The organization aims to work towards the betterment of the Philippines in various sectors, such as

Environmental Awareness 🌲,
Gender Equality 🙌🏼,
Mental Health ❤️,
and Education for All 📝

by establishing projects and campaigns that serve as building blocks to a better future. Under our content areas are sub-topics that Kabanata aims to actively discuss, such as Cultural Heritage and Political Awareness.

Kabanata’s all-around purpose is centered around the youth. It is built on the principle that trailblazers come in all shapes and sizes. As Kabanata advocates for a better future, we aim to be active contributors to a revolutionary present– through education, awareness, and action.

Kabanata’s mission is simple: we believe that young people deserve a seat in whatever room that decisions are being made in. That includes young people of all race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, background, etc., who are just as capable as the next person. We believe that young people have the unequivocal yet untapped power to revolutionize the way we do things, and the potential to convince the world that how we currently do things is not going to suffice for any longer.
In a world wherein every decision is beginning to count, it is only fitting for us to trust the youth who will one day inherit it. We aim to give young people the space to make informed decisions and give concrete efforts towards a better future. Through educational campaigns and youth-centered projects, Kabanata aims to be the opportunity that we, the founders, had sought for so long.

The world as we see it today is rapidly changing, yet many things remain the same. There are still many problems with simple solutions that are yet to be enacted merely because people refuse to take initiative. That’s where Kabanata steps in- we want to take matters into our own hands. Kabanata was founded based on a need that was ever-present in the world. There is, and always will be, a need for good people. And while it is a dream of Kabanata’s to rise above the ranks and create large-scale changes, we want to begin at a community level. It is fundamental to Kabanata’s founders that we remain grounded in our values. We believe in the importance of individual communities and the work that needs to be done within them, and we want our organization to help these communities grow.
Kabanata’s ideal world is a world in which young people do not need to be listened to about matters that we cannot take part in. Political issues, environmental degradation, and workplace discrimination are all issues that we cannot fix ourselves. But this is not an ideal world. Therefore, we only hope that when young people do have something to say, they will be listened to. After all, Kabanata believes foremost in one thing: that every young person has the potential to change the world.