Kabanata PH x Vinci the Collective

Here at Kabanata PH, we firmly believe that everyone who works in close proximity to high-risk people and works everyday towards our health and safety is a front-liner. This includes janitors, trash collectors, retail workers, and administration staff at public facilities. Essentially, everyone who keep you safe is a front-liner, doctorate or none.

Kabanata PH, in partnership with Vinci the Collective, is holding a fundraiser to pay for the meals of front-liners in hospitals all over NCR, inclusive of doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff, such as administration. We aim to give back to these front-liners in a way that shows our appreciation for them, even in the little things. Although donating PPE and other such utilities are incredibly important, Kabanata believes in the fudamentality of small actions that create a big impact, and the importance of morale in these high-pressure environments.

This project is supplied by Verleo Catering.

Our Goals
Kabanata PH and Vinci the Collective will be accepting donations for the food drive from May 2-11. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide for the meals of staff for multiple hospitals, such as San Lazaro Hospital. We aim to provide nutritional, filling, and energizing rice meals to these front-liners, and will tailor the donations to their specific needs. For every 50 pesos donated, we can supply a meal for one front-liner.

Payment Details
BPI: 0829 4835 64
PayPal: paypal.me/vincithecollective
GCash: 09199933501
or contact any Kabanata member

From everyone here at Kabanata PH and Vinci the Collective, thank you to our front-liners for keeping us safe! And thank you as well to you, for supporting our collaboration.

Kabanata Team

Kabanata Team