Core Team 🤝

Maya Tuviera
Executive Director

Maya founded Kabanata in September of 2019, and she built the organization on the principle that trailblazers come in all shapes and sizes. She chose youth empowerment as Kabanata’s central advocacy because, in all honesty, she could not pick a lone advocacy to focus on. She didn’t want Kabanata to be an environment-based organization because she was a firm feminist, and she didn’t want Kabanata to be an education-focused organization because she believed in the importance of Philippine culture in the mainstream. But a mentor figure told her that to build something from the ground up, she should begin with evaluating what she was dissatisfied with in the world and build from there. So she chose youth involvement, in the hopes that she could build opportunities for the youth to take action in the issues that matter to them.

If Maya could tell her pre-Kabanata self something, it would be that you don’t need an origin story to build something that is true to you. You don’t need to be personally affected by mental health issues to care about mental health. You don’t need to be a working-class woman to be a feminist. So when you care about something, no matter who you are, speak up! You never know who’s listening.

Sarah Chan
Assistant Executive Director

TrulliSarah uses her creativity to spark discussions about current issues. From an early age, she has participated in several charity events,which led to her eagerness to be a part of Kabanata. Joining Kabanata and becoming Social Media Head at just 13, she strives to raise awareness for different issues through social media. She firmly believes in the quote, “an image is worth a thousand words”, and believes that through her work, she’ll be able to convey her message better than any words she could come up with. Sarah’s passion has only grown since then and she hopes to continue to inspire, as well as empower, everyone who may come across any of Kabanata’s posts.

Kyla Tan
Advocacy Head

TrulliBefore Kyla joined Kabanata, she never had something that she firmly stood for. She would always change her mind about things, and her opinions were easily swayed by other people’s voices.

It was not that Kyla wasn’t firm in her beliefs, it was that she was always open to learning. Learning about people’s stories, beliefs— so when she joined Kabanata, she was well-versed in the issues she would be getting involved with.

It was in Kabanata where she was able to discover the things she would stand for. Through Kabanata, she grew as a person and activist. She advocates for many things, but respect and equality are her primary principles. She believes that the right to freedom of expression and thought is important, but not when it steps on other people’s rights.

She plans to use her platform in Kabanata to make waves in the issues that matter to her. She wants to raise awareness on the issues that young people should be talking about, advocate for equality between race, religion, gender, and all the differences we have that should be trated the same.

Raquel Uy
Media Head

TrulliChanging the world may seem like a daunting and far-fetched concept to some; however, Raquel strongly believes that seemingly small acts can make a huge difference in our society. From a young age, Raquel has always been passionate about volunteerism. She has gotten herself involved in the community by participating in various outreach programs, which made her more cognizant of contemporary social issues. Because of her desire to address and shed light upon the issues we face today, she joined Kabanata in the hope of cultivating a better place for everyone to live in. Her committee, the Media Committee, is assigned to create promotional material for Kabanata and convey its advocacy through posters, pubmats, and the like. She believes and hopes that through her creative work, she’ll effectively make current issues accessible to the youth, and encourage them to take concrete action to solve these problems. Through Kabanata, Raquel was able to incorporate her passion for art and change-making, and essentially, grow as an individual. She hopes that she can utilize her creativity to raise social awareness, and forge a brighter future for everyone.

Julianne Lao
Logistics Head

TrulliJulianne has always had the passion and drive to guide people. As she is growing up, she realizes that doing what she is most passionate about would create a bigger impact on the society we live in today. Kabanata is an organization that hopes to create change in the midst of the world’s problems, and to give opportunities to the people in need. Right now, WE, the youth, are the people in need, WE are the problem. As that is the case, being aware will have no impact, but taking action will. I joined Kabanata not only to inspire people to change, but also because I want to be part of the change, a part of the process. With my committee, Logistics, we ensure that Kabanata is operating smoothly and everything’s going well, from the activities to the venues. I hope that my committee could play a part in the outcome we all hope and wish for, and could entrust individuals who have the courage and dedication to initiate and bring hope to our society today. May we become pioneers of change to help kindle the hearts of others, unite as one and create an impact on the world. I’m so excited to meet driven and empowered individuals who long for change, and to show everyone what Kabanata, a group of devoted young people, is capable of.

Reine Ong
Marketing Head

TrulliIn our world that’s full of problems, Reine believes that the youth are the only ones who can start and implement change. She believes that the youth, once united in mind and heart, can change our home into one that generations to come can be satisfied with.

Through Kabanata, she hopes that we can inspire fellow youths to stand up and take action. Her committee, the Marketing Committee, is in charge of external relations, representing Kabanata during presentations, and member recruitment. She hopes that her committee can spark a desire for change in our fellow young people and that they can recruit individuals who are empowered and ready to make an impact on our world. She is incredibly excited for everyone to see what Kabanata has in store, what we can offer our world, and to meet people who are ready to make remarkable change.

Anika Gavino
Volunteer Pool Co-Head

TrulliDespite all the reoccurring circumstances that take place in our country and around the world, Anika always felt the need to be well apprised of what she could do to make a change. As a Kabanata Volunteer Head and Marketing Member, her positions reflect her way of coming up with and sharing ideas and proposals that can contribute to creating the change that our society always needed. Through the projects, donation drives, fundraisers, posts, and many more attainments Kabanata has arranged, she believes that taking part of these can help her learn further and build greater forms of change and betterment in our society’s ongoing issues.

Monique Mendoza
Volunteer Co-Head

TrulliEver since Monique was a young girl, she has always been exposed to being in various leadership roles which sparked her ability to lead and inspire others, and for her to grow as well as an individual. Her passion for serving others has led her to joining Kabanata in the hopes of creating a bigger and more impactful change all around. Becoming Volunteer head, along with being a member of the Marketing department, she hopes to inspire more people to be the hope of change through taking action. Kabanata is not only an organization, but each and every member part is considered a family as well. We all proudly strive for growth in the hopes of improving our world because of the common goal we share, which is to help our country prosper. Kabanata has really helped Monique grow and it opened up her eyes as well to trying new things and serving more people, which is what she wants others to experience as well. Through the many successful projects, donation drives, posts, etc. that Kabanata has had, we were able to uplift the smiles of those in need. And we hope to continue to inspire and empower more people to join Kabanata through these things.


There are over 40 Kabanata PH Team Members volunteering their free time to help make a much needed change.